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About us

Orion is a manufacturer and distributor of smoking tobaccos, cigarettes, filter tubes and smoking accessories. Since 2002 when the company was founded we have been focused on bringing satisfaction to our clients.

We manufacture the products with tobaccos from various corners of the earth, mostly from Brazil, Macedonia, Croatia, Poland, India, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Malawi and Cuba. With our broad machine park we go step by step through all stages of production, from tobacco cut-rag to the final product:

          • Cigarettes King Size Box

          • Cigars

          • Smoking tobaccos packed in pouches, zip-lock bags and tins

                    ∗ Roll-your-own for rolling in cigarette paper leaves (RYO)

                    ∗ Make-your-own for tubing (MYO)

                    ∗ Pipe Tobacco

          • Water-pipe tobacco

Besides tobacco and cigarettes our leading products are filter tubes and filter tips. The production process takes place in the largest tube factory in Poland under highest quality standards.

Our primary brands are Tennesie, Guliwer, Verso and Orion. However, we are also specialize in production of private label cigarettes, tobaccos, tubes and filters.

In our offer there are also such products as: lighters, filling machines, rollers, cigarette cases, rolling papers, steam stones, molasses and shisha charcoal.

We deliver our products to more than 20 countries. In Poland we are among the leaders of the Polish smoking tobacco and tubes market. Our company takes part in various domestic and international trade fairs. We are an active member of Polish Tobacco Industry Association and ESTA - European Smoking Tobacco Association.